Suver haze

Suver haze


Suver Haze is an Oregon-bred Sativa-dominant strain. It’s a cross between the Early Resin Berry and Suver #8 strains. It’s best known for its strong aroma, which includes floral notes and hints of exotic fruit. Earthy citrus with woodsy notes are described as the flavor.

Common Effects

  • Sedating
  • Relaxing
  • Pain Relief

CBD: 22.53 %

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Suver Haze Hemp Flower

Suver Haze hemp flower was bred to be a beast, particularly in terms of CBD content. In 3rd party lab testing, it averages close to 23% CBD concentration, which isn’t surprising. Furthermore, it is a terpene powerhouse. It’s a southern Oregon variety with an earthy flavor and a tinge of orange toward the finish. Those who have tried this strain feel that it provides a pleasant and soothing experience.

Suver Haze, like many other new hemp strains, is bred from a cannabis lineage that also includes marijuana. This method produces high CBD levels that are impossible to reach using fiber hemp genotypes. The CBD hemp flower that results has an appearance, smell, and flavor that is very similar to marijuana. With this in mind, proceed with caution and responsibility when consuming.

The strain has a whopping 12-18.6% CBD content, as well as forest green buds and a sweet, tropical fruit-like aroma. Her intense flavor profile makes her stand out among other high CBD strains, and the flowers are dense, seedless, and well-cured, making them easy to trim.

Suver Haze’s Effects and

The effects of Suver Haze Hemp Strain on those who have purchased and used it are feelings of relaxation and calmness. Sleep problems, headaches, pain relief, and nausea are the most common side effects of the Suver Haze strain. wholesale cbd flower

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Suver Haze CBD Hemp’s Most Common Applications

Although the main effect of the Suver Haze strain is relaxation, there have been reports of other effects as well. Here are some of the best uses for the strain:

  • Sleep issues
  • Headaches & pain relief
  • Nausea

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