CBD hemp Vendors handpicks the greatest CBD Flower products from across Europe. Throughout the manufacturing process, we ensure product traceability and certification.
Only Organic CBD Weed productions cultivated in protected and properly developed conditions located on Italian soil, Ireland and Netherlands have been chosen. Our growers exclusively employ the greatest genetics, which are constantly refined to respond to the needs of the end client and to get the most out of this amazing plant.
CBD weed, CBD hash, and CBD oil are all products made from hemp cultivars that have been approved by the European Union for agricultural use.
CBD hemp Vendors ensures the quality and traceability of its products with a self-control system similar to that used in the food industry in Europe. Actually, the entire CBD hemp Vendors system is based on the European HACCP standard, which ensures product traceability and safety.
According to -II Reg.-Delegate-n.-639-2014 Europe and -II European legislation n. 1307/2013, all CBD hemp Vendors products have a THC concentration of less than or equal to 0.2 percent and are drug-free.
For the analysis of all CBD Buds sold, CBD hemp Vendors works with an independent expert laboratory.
Our mission is to make the highest quality products available to everyone at a reasonable cost.
We oppose individuals and corporations seeking to profit from a good product that should be available to all.
The company is today the European leader in the area, and its goods are sold throughout the European Community.